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The Gradwell House is a 2200 square foot recording studio in Haddon Heights, NJ owned and operated by Dave Downham and Steve Poponi. Our studio has a live tracking room (30x52 with 15ft-18ft ceilings), 2 isolation booths (each 11x11), a control room (18x25), a kitchen area (12x12) and a mezzanine arcade/lounge (52x11)

511 Station Ave., Haddon Heights, NJ 08035
856-310-5554 |
Recording / Mixing = $40/hour
Mastering = $50/hour

Up Up Down Down... - The Red Loop (3.4m)
Album: Worst Band Name Ever
Info: Our old band. We were awesome. Recorded by Steve and Dave at the Gradwell House. Mastered by Dave.
Ages - Among Your Druthers (5.6m)
Album: Made In The Trade
Info: Dave's band. Head to Ages' bandcamp, name your own price and download the entire album.
By Surprise - $600 Exorcism (6.11m)
Album: Mountain Smashers
Info: Recorded by Dave at the Gradwell House and mastered by Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering Service.

It's a King Thing - Kira (2.9m)
Album: Buffalo buffalo Buffalo... (free album download)
Info: Killer songs. Recorded by Dave and Steve at the Gradwell House. Mastered by Dave for CD and remastered for vinyl.

Into It. Over It. - Cambridge, MA (3.98m)
Album: Twelve Towns
Info: Recorded by Steve and mastered by Dave at the Gradwell House. The majority of 52 Weeks was recorded at Gradwell as well.

Young Statues - Spacism (7.65m)
Album: Young Statues
Info: Recorded and co-produced by Steve and mastered by Dave at the Gradwell House. Sounds like spaghetti and the mob.

The Atomic Square - No End (6.2m)
Album: On The Horizon
Info: Tommy Bahamy. Recorded by Steve and mastered by Dave at the Gradwell House.

The Classic Brown - Proud Private, Give Leave (4.1m)
Album: Down With Fun
Info: Stacy recorded some scratch tracks and turned it over to Dave and Steve to produce. Recorded, mixed and mastered at the Gradwell House.

Fight Amp - Shallow Grave (8.7m)
Album: Fight Amp / Burning Love split 7"
Info: Recorded by Steve and mastered by Dave at the Gradwell House.

The Not Fur Longs - Make It Home Alone (4.9m)
Album: Arbor Christmas Collection Volume 9
Info: Recorded by Steve and Dave at the Gradwell House. The best song about Home Alone ever written. The last 30 seconds of the song were written by Juliana Hatfield.
Gunna Vahm - Whips (2.2m)
Album: Man Hands For Rump Lust
Info: Screamy stuff. Recorded by Steve and mastered by Dave at the Gradwell House.
In Grenada - It Doesn't Matter (4.8m)
Album: Break
Info: Mixed by Steve and mastered by Dave at The Gradwell House.

Gradwell House Recording

Here's what we use: (you can click each piece of equipment to get more details). The entire studio is custom wired with Mogami & Redco cable.

Preamps & Processing







* * NOTE * * This Equipment is constantly being upgraded, borrowed, broken/fixed and taken on tour, so please contact us before you plan on leaving your equipment at home to use ours as it may not be here. Also, drummers should be aware that we strongly reccomend you bringing at least your own cymbals, stands, pedal and stool for comforts sake.


Rates: Mastering is $50 per hour. On average we can master 2-3 songs in an hour. If your project has unusually long or short songs then this estimate goes out the window. Shoot us an email and we can get you an estimate. 

Click here to upload your files for mastering.

Mastering Samples: The samples below are 16bit/44.1k wave files that contain identical song clips that are unmastered and mastered.

The New Atlantic - This song was recorded and mixed by Vince Ratti at Skylight and mastered by Dave at the Gradwell House.
Gunna Vahm - This song was recorded and mixed here by Steve and mastered by Dave.

· What is mastering?
What we need from you(all info should be written as you want it to appear) 
1) band name 
2) album title 
3) a list of all songs in album sequence 
4) ISRC code(s) (if you do not know what this is you probably do not have one) 

What you get from us...
1) a Red Book CD with PQ sheet that is ready for manufacturing 
2) a CD that is CD-Text and CDDB (see iTunes) compatible 
3) a CD that will play back consistenly on a variety of systems 
4) a CD that sounds better, not just louder 

First things first, Please don't bring any drugs or alcohol to our studio. You might think you're a grown-up but we share our property with our landlord and we don't need the hassle.

· How much time do we need to book to finish our project?
· Do you have Pro Tools?
· Do you guys have interns? Can i be an intern at Gradwell?
· What do you record onto?
· What is a "click track" and should we use one?
· Should we get our guitars setup (intonated) before we record?
· What do we need to bring with us when we come to record?
· Can we use the amps you have listed on your equipment page?
· What is the difference between recording live and recording track by track?
· Should we record live or track by track?
· We started our CD at your studio and we want to finish it somewhere else
or we want to bring our recording from xyz studio to Gradwell to finish, can we do that?

· Can we bring our own producer?
· Is setup time free (off the clock)?
· We would like to add a sound clip from a movie to our cd, how should we supply it to you?
· Do you guys have shows here?
· We are coming from out of state to record for a few days, can we sleep at the studio?
· Will you tuck us in?
· How should we credit the studio in our liner notes?
· What time does the studio close?
· Do you specialize in recording a specific genre of music?

· From Philadelphia / PA
· From Delaware / South Jersey
· From Atlantic City / Berlin
· From New York / North Jersey