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The 2800 sq. ft. recording studio on our upper level features two control rooms (A and B) that share sight-lines to the live room and wiring access (AES/EBU digital grade audio cable) to each other as well as all of the performance spaces, isolation booths and the tiled bathrooms; be the 767th person to make the joke about recording on the toilet, never gets old.

Control Room A (w/ attached vocal booth) features a modified mid 80’s SSL 6000 E/G+ (w/ SSL 4000 channels, 28 mono [9 black EQs, 19 brown EQs] and 4 stereo channels) with Total Recall and moving fader Ultamation. The console also has "THAT" SSL bus compressor and it's the coolest! Our recorders include Protools and a MCI JH-24 2-inch Tape Machine. Check out the gear page, oh and we have THIS that lets you do THIS.

Control Room B (w/ attached vocal booth) is centered around overdubbing and mixing ITB (in-the-box) sorry, just the one SSL but how about analog summing with our Dangerous Audio D-Box......think: 8 analog stems routed thru vintage compressors and tube EQ and summed analog w/ zero latency! Sight lines to the live room and connectivity to the all performance spaces, 32 balanced tie-lines to Control Room-A, attached vocal booth and it's custom 6 channel 1981 NEOTEK Series 1E rack make us love using the B Room for tracking drums as well.

Our live that turkey bacon? No, it's the 2 zillion square feet of hickory hardwood floors!....can accommodate choirs, orchestras or think "In Utero" sized drum sounds if you're cool or think "my heart will go on" vocal verb -if you're super cool. Our 'ISO C' is also the "best sounding bedroom style drum space I have ever heard" (-citation needed) or open up the "rich people's kitchen to their huge deck with a view" style triple glass doors to add more square footage to the live room or keep them closed to isolate our 7'4' Bechstein Grand Piano (weird flex?) from your terrible bass players amplifier. Come for a tour already!





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