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The same skill set that we use to make great recordings also helps to make great sounding live shows both on stage in the monitors (for you) and in the house thru the PA for your drunk, shirt-still-tucked-in coworkers out in the crowd! Our engineers are experienced with all shapes and sizes of venue and PA. We have also toured with some great bands (and The Early November) as tour manager and FOH sound engineers, Maybe you heard us mix: Hop Along, Braid, Snail Mail, Big Theif, A Great Big Pile of Leaves, Tigers Jaw or (Sandy) Alex G. Along with the advantage of moonlighting as house engineers all over Philadelphia at venues like Kung Fu Necktie, Johnny Brenda's, Union Transfer, Boot & Saddle and The Trocadero (rest in RIP) the benefits to hiring one of our engineers or systems for your event is obvious, right?

Check out some of the options below for how to utilize our skillz(s):

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Hire an Engineer for your gig

Rent a PA system for an event

Mobile Recording (bands, choirs, orchestra, home instruments)

Help with your PA/Venue system

Help with your room

Hire an Engineer for your gig:

Simple, pay us (usually by the day) to come do sound for you. Tell us when and where and we can give you a quote, it's cheaper than you think. Add meals and a fun location and it gets even cheaper. I can probably mix from the back of wave-runner so don't be afraid to ask.

Need a PA system for an event?
That's us too! We have a portable stage and drum riser and systems we can set up for wedding "DJ" (so your one indie friend can stream Spotify real loud, "YO, WHATS THE WIFI?"), solo acoustic type artists, yuck, all the way to full production concerts/festival, we have done it all. You can hire one of our techs to set up and operate your gear, We can rent you the gear and a tech to operate it or just the gear if it's simple enough or you have a tech on hand already for the more complex systems. Reach out for a quote or help with your band name because right now I'm not feeling it.

Record something live or some remote instrument/performer?
You ever heard your own voice on your outgoing VM message? Maybe dont jump into this "I wanna record everything in case I die young" boat just yet, it appears you have some work to do. 

Okay......... So.....JK..........We can do it all from simple and cheap (think 2 channel board mix) or complicated and more expensive (think multi-tracked with top notch mics preamps and converters), we can guide you thru the options to capture your "art". Alternately, We can host choirs and orchestras in our incredible sounding live room (we have 50 folding chairs and a near silent HVAC system) or, ya know, we can come to your carpeted, acoustically compromised, looks like a strip club with the lights practice space, so-cold-you-have-to-poop-every-time-you-step-foot-in-there basement and capture the heart and soul of you music there or whatever, your call I guess. We also love recording instruments that can't move, think pipe organs, family pianos, grandpa taxidermied into a human bag-pipe type stuff.

Help with your PA System/Venue/Room?

This is a service that is incredibly useful to smaller venues, churches/houses of worship and other oddball multi-use spaces. Our team of atheist sound engineers have seen it all, all over the world, literally in the literal way. We know what works best (easiest/cheapest/most effective) for spaces of all shapes, sizes and nightmare-ish acoustic situations. We can take the gear that you have and help you get the most out of it or consult you on an upgrade from a working, real world professional's perspective. In addition, we can provide training to any of your house staff on how the system works best and how to maintain it for a longer life and less maintenance expenses over time. The industry standard training we provide also helps staff (many not formally trained) to get good habits going early, better trained people in the industry is better for everyone!


Reach out and tell us what you need, we are way less snarky via email.


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