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Gonna drop some answers up in here:

What's a Freelance Engineer?
Freelance engineers are unaffiliated (to us) audio engineers who rent our space and gear to use. Lots of engineers do not have a dedicated recording space so they use ours.

Am I a Freelance Engineer?
I'm gonna go with "if you don't know then you
aren't one" to start but also....we consider anyone who is capable of running a studio session (pro-tools, patchbay, SSL) to be a freelance recording engineer. Obviously there are all types of skill levels to this position but if you are able to record audio, I think the shoe fits for now. We usually have a house engineer around to get you rolling.

Protools? Yes, Native V12. 

Mac or PC: We are PC, sorry?
We do however have the Orion Antelope 32 AD/DA interface so bringing in a laptop/tower and
integrating it to our system with ONE usb 3 cable is essentially plug and play. Our monitors are HDMI so
we got you sorted there. 

Here are the links to the Orion Antelope files you will need: (download the driver and the launcher)

FEMALE freelance engineers can subtract 21% to account for the gender wage gap, sorry Chad! Yes, this is real, if you're in a position to effect any sort of change to a broken system you should!)
Control Room A/Live Room all ISO booths- D:$350 H: $35
Control Room B/Live Room all ISO booths- D:$300 H: $30

or just mixing and light overdubs?
Control Room A/Vocal/ISO booth- D:$300 H: $30
Control Room B/Vocal/ISO booth- D:$250 H: $25

*The day rate is the mathematical total of 10hrs @ the room's hourly rate, You can book more or less, just do the math. In addition, We also offer a "Studio Lock-out" to have 24 hour access to the studio, reach out for a quote on that!

For Rehearsal Rates
For Mastering Rates


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