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Gradwell House Rehearsal

$30/hr, 24/7 availability. Email us to book.

No. You can't park in that lot. 

Paying: We want your money, Cash can be dropped in our drop box at the top of the stairs in our lounge, Paypal: or Venmo: @gradwellhouse (Dave Downham), just include the name of whoever books your rehearsals with Dave, We don't know who's in the band "Squishy Landlord."

Parking: We DO NOT have a private parking lot. NO, that’s not our lot. Here are some options: Street Parking:  Anywhere on Station Ave. is cool to park untimed between 4pm-2am. The signs say 2 hour parking 9am-6pm Mon-Sat so starting at 4pm (Mon-Sat) you are in the clear. Sundays are unlimited. You will get ticketed if you are parked after 2am so plan accordingly. Full disclosure, I have never seen someone ticketing before that 2am no-no time so if you are here for 2 hrs and 15 mins I think you will be fine.

Public Lots: There are a bunch of other public places to park as well, across the street from us behind the storefronts is a public (off street) lot. Some timed spots but mostly untimed ones. I pretty much ignore all but the PNC signs and Handicap. There is a pedestrian walkway that puts you straight across the street from us called “John Johnson Way” right next to Trouble Brewing. You can also park along the railroad tracks on Atlantic Ave.

The Dentist's Lots: That small parking lot right against our building. NOPE.


Backline: We supply: 4-piece Drum shells (kick, snare, 1 rack, 1 floor), kick pedal, hi-hat stand and clutch, snare stand, 3 cymbal stands, Bass Amp (Ampeg/Agular heads w/ 4x10 or 1x15 ampeg cabs), Guitar Amps (Marshall/Orange/Fender combos,  or Kustom/Peavey Classic/Fender heads and Marshall cabs). We have assorted keyboard, music and guitar stands floating around too. We also have a couple keyboard amps and acoustic guitar amps we can shuffle around. Just come for a rehearsal and see, it's cool.

PA System: We supply: (x4) SM58 vocal mics with (x4) JBL JRX200 1x12 floor monitors powered by QSC amps with individual processing and mix adjustments for each monitor! 

So you need
: Your instruments! Cymbals, sticks, cables (instrument) and deodorant. You are welcome to bring guitar/bass heads/amps and whatever extra or preferred drum stuff you have.


Things You Can Do: Play music, have fun.

Things You Can't: Here we go with a list……

1. The back door is alarmed and marked for EMERGENCY EXITS ONLY. If you need to smoke, go out front. If you need to smoke that “Jazz Cabbage,” go for a walk or to your car or walk down our alley from the street.

2. Please don’t play at excessive volumes. We get it, your amp just doesn't sound good at 7, it has to be at 8 or above! That being said, we have 9 other spaces and a recording studio upstairs and although we did a great job "soundproofing" them from each other (3 layers of 5/8 sheetrock per side, 6 inches of insulation and a 2 inch air gap between rooms, plus 4 inches of concrete under the upstairs floor) but they can only stop so much volume. Your amp sounding soooo good is not worth everyone else in the building having to hear it while they are trying to write the next big Chilli Peppers cover. If it's an issue (it has not been yet) We will gently ask you to reduce the volume if it’s crazy (and we get it, a loud drummer makes loud guitar kind of necessary) but if you can’t be reasonable there are a couple shit-sounding, strip-club-with-the-lights-on-looking, smells-like-feet-and-breath-in-here, wouldn't-shoot-up-in-this-bathroom, rude-like-you-are-ripping-them-off rehearsal spaces that you can go to.

Two rules. That's not too bad. Be good, FAQ-U.

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