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We currently have one HOURLY rehearsal room ($30/hr available 24/7)

The 2800 sq. ft. lower level features 9 production spaces.

Sorry, we are currently at full capacity for the monthly rooms, get on the waiting list).

The hourly room (#8, see floorplan) is complete with "rock band" backline: Drums, stands, stool, 2 Guitar amps, 1 Bass amp and a real vocal PA w/ 4 mics (SM58) and 4 floor wedges (JBL JRX200), just like at a venue dude! Read our
FAQ here so you can see what to tell your drummer to forget to bring. 

We put a lot of effort into designing these rooms to be
easy to use so don't be skerd, they're odor free-ish because we run our brand new fresh air intake 24/7!! and great sounding because that’s what we do upstairs remember?

We also offer full production rehearsals in our live room up in the studio with a full PA system  and drum riser if you need to work out some kinks (you do) or host a label showcase. Reach out for rates on this.

So bring some beers (21+ only please) and earplugs, they will both make you sound better.

Click Here to book a rehearsal





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